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  • 2010s


    All things wild and wonderful

    425 photographs

    While the potential within Brighton & Hove entering the 21st Century is clear, there are still dangers. With its liberal views, the city is a magnet for artists of all disciplines as well as students and entrepreneurs. This puts a strain on the city's resources. Nonetheless, it continues to intrigue, innovate and surprise and is the first place in the country to appoint a Green Member of Parliament and the first city in Europe to host a Trans Pride march.

  • 2000s


    A city in the making

    247 photographs

    In 2000 Brighton & Hove was granted city status as part of the millennium celebrations. There was a sense of optimism and the city staged extravagant events that continued into the decade. In 2002, 250,000 people occupied the beachfront for 'The Big Beach Boutique II' musical event. At the same time, the beachfront declined. In 2001 the West Pier partially collapsed when hit by severe weather and, a year later, the Palace Pier was damaged by fire.

  • 1990s


    From Skid Row-on-Sea to one unitary authority

    138 photographs

    While the recession in the early 1990s was nothing compared with the current global economic meltdown, it hit Brighton harder than most parts of the UK. The town, as it still was until 1997, struggled to shake off its reputation as “Skid Row-on-Sea”. While it might have had its Bohemian charm, many of its streets and shops were run-down and unemployment was rife.

  • 1980s


    Bombed and blown about by nature and politics

    365 photographs

    The 1980s saw Brighton & Hove dominating the news. In October 1984, during the Conservative Party conference, the Provisional IRA detonated a bomb at the Grand Hotel. Five people were killed although Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher escaped injury. This decade is also punctuated by a natural phenomenon: the Great Storm of 1987. The Level and Steine were decimated with many great elm trees lost, whilst The Royal Pavilion and the St Peter's Church suffered substantial damage.

  • 1970s


    The town's 'Waterloo'!

    107 photographs

    The 1970s should not just be remembered for Abba winning the Eurovision Song Contest with 'Waterloo' at The Dome. Much of the seafront had become dilapidated - the West Pier closed in 1975 and, in 1978, the open-air swimming lido at Black Rock was demolished - but attempts to improve the seafront were instigated and Brighton Marina was officially opened by HM the Queen.

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