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  • Where you live

    Where you live

    Home sweet home

    589 photographs

    This is a very broad category that could include every photograph in the collection. Of course there are a lot of landmarks and empty streets, but we've also included ordinary people doing ordinary (sometimes extraordinary) things in and around where they live.

  • Youth culture

    Youth culture

    Spiritual home of mods and rockers

    39 photographs

    Brighton is seen by many as the spiritual home of Mods and thousands of modern day Mods visit the city every year to pay homage to the era, visit Quadrophenia film locations or take part in the Scooter Run or Brighton Mod Weekender. There are no more beach battles with the Rockers, but Brighton still has a strong youth culture, illustrated by the bohemian, quirky nature of the North Laine; the vibrant, independent music scene and the graffiti and murals that can be found around city.

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