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  • Added recently

    Added recently

    A unique view of the city

    703 photographs

    These photographs have been added to the Brighton & Hove photographic collection most recently. Some were originally pledged at various public open days. Others were submitted online.

    You'll find the same photographs displayed under various themes such as 'Sport' and 'Youth culture'.

  • Added originally

    Added originally

    Our first 1000 photographs

    1001 photographs

    Here you'll find the first one thousand photographs added to the Brighton & Hove photographic collection. They were largely donated at various public open days throughout the city.

    You'll find the same photographs displayed under various themes such as 'Pubs and clubs' and 'Shops and shopping' - themes chosen in the hope that they would draw out unusual photographs that could only have been taken in Brighton & Hove and we were not disappointed!

  • Entertainment


    Let the fun begin...

    166 photographs

    As a seaside town, Brighton & Hove has always been a centre for entertainment so it's hardly surprising that many of the photographs in this collection should feature people having fun. From dance bands in the 1930s to contemporary groups; from early theatrical productions at Brighton Dome to avant garde shows at the Theatre Royal; from impromptu beach performances to large scale street processions, there is something for everyone.

  • Portraits


    Individuals and groups expressing themselves

    336 photographs

    Many of these portraits are 'family' photographs of individuals or groups including school, church and sports club photographs. Most of the pictures are informal, but some were shot by studio photographers. All were taken in Brighton & Hove although the location is not the most important aspect of the photograph. Nonetheless, the backdrops to some portraits are former or contemporary landmarks that typify Brighton & Hove.

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