Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the copyright of photographs in the collection?

It depends. Either it's QueenSpark Books (i.e. the contributor has assigned the copyright) or copyright of the photograph remains with the copyright holder and the contributor and / or photographer has licenced the photograph to QueenSpark Books for inclusion in the collection. If the photograph is for sale, the contributor and / or photographer will also have agreed to its sale.

What prevents me from just using the image displayed on the website?

Nothing. We encourage you to use the photographs for your own private study, non-commercial research, and instructional or educational purposes. For instance, you can cut and paste the website image into a PowerPoint presentation for a student seminar. However, if your use of the photograph necessitates an image at a higher resolution - you want to reproduce the image in a leaflet - then you should buy the photograph. Think of this payment as a donation to QueenSpark Books.

Who benefits from the sale of a photograph?

You won't make any money by donating your photographs to the Brighton & Hove photographic collection. But you might help QueenSpark Books to top up its funds and your photograph will become part of a unique collection that will be archived for future generations to enjoy.

How do I buy a photograph?

In order to purchase a photograph, you will need to create an account. This is a straightforward process involving you providing us with your name and an valid email address. You can do this at any time and enjoy other benefits available to account holders. For example, maintaining and sharing a list of your favourite photographs.

What is your pricing policy?

The price of a photograph for uses set out in "How to buy photographs" is under £20 including VAT. We are obliged to add VAT to digital images and can provide a VAT receipt. Because our photographs have been donated, the downloadable file you purchase will vary in size and quality but it will be the highest resolution, best quality digital image we have available.

How do I submit a photograph?

You need to create an account and then you can submit photographs. These will be considered for inclusion in the collection and you will be contacted, although we do not respond to each photograph submitted. We will expect you to be willing to licence the photographs for use in collection and for them to be offered for sale. You will not receive a royalty on sales.

Who chose the themes in the portfolio?

Ideas were submitted to the Steering committee (made up of QueenSpark Management Committee members, staff, photographers and representatives from Brighton & Hove Museum) which made an initial selection. Additional themes, driven by the content of donated photographs, were subsequently added and more may follow.

Why do some photographs appear on the map and others don't?

Quite simply because the location of some photographs is unknown. Also, the location of a photograph - for instance, a close up of a bicycle - is not of great importance. These photographs will appear as you zoom in on the map but will not show at opening zoom levels.

Why does a decade show more photographs than the total number of photographs on year pages?

This is because some photographs can be identified as, for example, 1930s, although the actual year the photograph was taken is unknown. If the precise year of a photograph is not known it has been assigned to the most probable decade it was taken and will display on the decade gallery page.

What determines how the photographs are displayed?

By default the photographs are displayed on gallery pages according to the order they were added to the collection i.e. their 'postion' in the collection. You can also sort the photographs by 'name', 'location' and 'date'. In addition, you can choose what size of photographs (slides or thumbnails) to display on pages - and how many.

Can I become a guest curator?

Please apply. You will not necessarily be a photographer, but a person an opinion on Brighton & Hove. You will be asked to make a selection from the collection and to tell us about your choice of photographs. If you are a photographer, you can showcase your own work but you will be expected to donate the photographs to the collection under our general Terms & Conditions. You will not receive a royalty on sales. All profits go towards future QueenSpark Books publishing projects.