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  • Open Market Café

    Open Market Café

    Capturing the last day

    24 photographs


    JJ Waller

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    Guest curator JJ Waller was a pioneering street entertainer and stand up comedy performer who turned to photography when he took an Editorial Photography Degree.
    "I have chosen not to trawl through this ever evolving site (as I often do) selecting my favourites, but instead to especially shoot some new work capturing the last day of the Open Market Café before its makeover re-launch in 2013."

    Read JJ's full commentary.

  • What a performance

    What a performance

    Unleashing home grown talent onto an unsuspecting world

    18 photographs


    Barry Pitman

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    Guest curator Barry Pitman is a local photographer who says Brighton for him has always been about performance. It's a show town and the images he has selected from his personal archive are just a glimpse into performance and performances in the city.

    Read Barry’s full commentary.

  • Volume II book

    Volume II book

    A selection of images chosen by QueenSpark associates

    66 photographs


    Stella Cardus

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    For this book, we have focussed on a few elements of the site - Magnum photographer Mark Power's curation; JJ Waller's collection of images taken around the closure of the Open Market; the late Leslie Whitcomb's documents of the past; Peter Chrisp's evocative photos of shops and people in the 1980s - as well as asking QueenSpark associates to select their favourites.

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