The Grand Hotel re-opens after the bomb

The Grand Hotel re-opens after the bomb

Brighton seafront


Taken in late 1984, this photograph shows The Grand Hotel re-opening after the bombing.

It was the inspiration for two interconnected films, presented as one installation in the Housekeeper’s Room in The Regency Town House Basement for HOUSE 2015, a series of commissions presented across Brighton & Hove as part of its annual contemporary visual arts festival.

Instigated by Photoworks, City Collective, is a collaboration between an inter-generational group of Brighton & Hove residents, filmmaker Abigail Norris, and theatre director Maria Pattinson who have collectively responded to a series of questions relating to the HOUSE 2015 theme of Edge and Shift.

The group shared moments of personal conflict, relating these to much wider events and using a range of workshop techniques to explore how one person’s situation feels from someone else’s perspective.

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