City Collective

City Collective



This photograph by Yaz Norris is the face of City Collective, a Photoworks collaboration between an inter-generational group of Brighton & Hove residents, filmmaker Abigail Norris, and theatre director Maria Pattinson who have collectively responded to a series of questions relating to the Brighton Festival HOUSE 2015 theme of Edge and Shift.

As a group they have created two interconnected films, presented as one installation in the Housekeeper’s Room in The Regency Town House Basement.

Inspired by a photograph in this collection, the group shared moments of personal conflict, relating these to much wider events and using a range of workshop techniques to explore how one person’s situation feels from someone else’s perspective.

As a group they also chose their favourite photographs from the collection and say the reason they chose them is that "Most of us are born and bred in Brighton…these images act as triggers for our memories. They help us look back and remember the past as well as encouraging us to glance into the future and question where we are now. It is intriguing to see the city changing through the decades whilst also remembering that the bricks and mortar would mean nothing without the people, the experiences and the memories.

In relation to our City Collective's project we were also captivated by the dates of some of the images as these resonated with the stories that we shared whilst working together. We became interested in how the date of a photograph adds to the significance we give to it."