Brighton Trans*formed

Brighton Trans*formed

Brighton & Hove


On 24 September 2014 Queenspark Books unveiled its 104th book at Brighton's Jubilee Library. A beautifully edited compendium of writing, memories, oral histories, design and photography, it chronicles the lives and experiences of Brighton & Hove’s Transgender community.

Supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund, Brighton Trans*formed features, in their own words, the rich variety of Trans lives in Brighton & Hove today.

Brighton & Hove is a place where trans people are increasingly seen and heard, understood and respected, and Brighton Trans*formed shows how far we've come, and how far there is to go. Juliet Jacques.

Trans identities are often neglected, re-written or even erased from formal histories. Brighton Trans*formed preserves previously untold stories for future generations, and is a much needed exploration into the diversity of gender expression within the city.

From young to old, many people question their gender identity, but often have no role models to turn to. This book is important, because if for no other reason, it says, "we were here". Rory Finn.